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OnCX is a single platform with applied AI (artificial intelligence) such as voicebot with multilingual NLP technology, friendly domainization and chatbot support.

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System Design Overview

Microservices Architecture: OnCX is built on a microservices architecture, which allows each component to run independently, making administration simple, available (HA) and highly scalable in order to meet different business needs.

Unlimited Interconnection: Businesses can connect their OnCX to VoIP service providers via Public (Internet) or a Leased Line (MPLS) environment to run Inbound and Outbound voice.

Connection Ready: Requires businesses to have a direct Internet connection or through a Proxy to connect to social networks, such as Facebook and Zalo, when running the Omni Chat feature package.

Flexible Integration: The product is designed to be easily installed on a server equipment located in enterprise systems or on virtual machine platforms hosted on cloud systems.

High Availability: Allows customers to be located at multiple sites to run DC and DR site models in order to help businesses maintain uninterrupted services if there is a total failure at 1 site (DC).

OnCX is your powerful and easy-to-use contact center solution.

OnCX Operation Model

OnCX Operation Model

OnCX is developed on the FPT infrastructure, which enhances the productivity and synchronization of the service and makes it easier for FPT engineers to provide you instant support.

OnCX Packages

Choose a package that fits your business needs.

Call Center

A system switchboard responsible for receiving and allocating outbound calls from internal or external customers.
  • History reports
  • Voice recording
  • Working hours
  • Smart IVR
  • Callback
  • Ringtone configuration
  • Blacklist
  • ACD
  • Call forwarding
  • Hotline configuration
  • Voicemail
  • Realtime report
  • CRM


Omni Channel Inbound

A multi-channel solution: Facebook OA, Zalo OA, Live chat. Conversation data is synchronized and centralized in a single place, helping users to process messages centrally and optimally manage chat-in flow performance
  • Live chat /Bubble chat.
  • Facebook fanpage / Messenger.
  • Zalo OA chat
  • Realtime web base
  • Session management
  • Login administration
  • Sensitive words management
  • Web based embedded utility
  • Realtime report


Voicebot Outbound

Supporting businesses to compose a content and automatically call to groups of subscribers classified according to their settings to serve the purposes of advertising, customer care, and automatic sales.
  • Self-service configuration
  • Customer list management
  • Data standardization
  • Multi-campaign management
  • Data personalization
  • Voicebot localization
  • Call management
  • Realtime report

VND 200đ / Success Call

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Applied smart technology

Smart CX

Ready to activate smart tools in customer interaction: AI, voicebot, chat bot, virtual agent, etc.
Create a digital transformation ecosystem, in which Smart CX is a key component.

Business Benefits

Being directly involved in the sales process of the business, is an important touch point that enhances a great customer experience and plays a key role in closing the sale. Extract a variety of reports, presenting the necessary fields of information that are useful in evaluating KPIs, thereby increasing employee productivity and efficiency.


Ready to activate smart tools in customer interaction: AI, voicebot, chat bot, virtual agent, etc.
Create a digital transformation ecosystem, in which Smart CX is a key component.

Omni Channel

Provide the most diverse, popular and comprehensive customer interaction channels on the market: Chat, SMS, Social, IM, etc.
The ability to operate on all platforms: mobile, web as well as all operating systems: Android, IOS, Windows, MacOS, etc.


Bringing many utilities to departments that directly interact with customers (sales, marketing, CS, etc.): tracking support history, creating campaigns, surveying the market, assessing satisfaction levels.


Planned in application partitions, behind many layers of network security, businesses have full control over their information security and data integrity.



Cost effectiveness together with simplified settings and operating processes.


Scale up or down the system anytime.


Extensive features & functionalities for your productivity.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

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24/7/365 SUPPORT

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