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OnCX Packages

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Call Center

A system switchboard responsible for receiving and allocating outbound calls from internal or external customers.
  • History reports
  • Voice recording
  • Working hours
  • Smart IVR
  • Callback
  • Ringtone configuration
  • Blacklist
  • ACD
  • Call forwarding
  • Hotline configuration
  • Voicemail
  • Realtime report
  • CRM


Omni Channel Inbound

A multi-channel solution: Facebook OA, Zalo OA, Live chat. Conversation data is synchronized and centralized in a single place, helping users to process messages centrally and optimally manage chat-in flow performance
  • Live chat /Bubble chat.
  • Facebook fanpage / Messenger.
  • Zalo OA chat
  • Realtime web base
  • Session management
  • Login administration
  • Sensitive words management
  • Web based embedded utility
  • Realtime report


Voicebot Outbound

Supporting businesses to compose a content and automatically call to groups of subscribers classified according to their settings to serve the purposes of advertising, customer care, and automatic sales.
  • Self-service configuration
  • Customer list management
  • Data standardization
  • Multi-campaign management
  • Data personalization
  • Voicebot localization
  • Call management
  • Realtime report

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